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[Academic Affairs] 2018-19 1st Semester Class schedule

admin_bil Post on 2018-8-29 03:31 PM |Show All Post
Dear parents and students,

Due to the swimming (G5 and G10) and biking (G6 and G9) lessons, we use the swimming/biking schedule for the first 9 weeks (Aug. 30 to Oct. 26).

After the swimming and biking lesson, we will use the normal schedule for the rest of the semester.

*Only G5, G6, G9 and G10 have different schedules within the normal and swimming schedules.

2018-2019 1st G1-G8 class schedule (swimming).pdf

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2018-2019 1st G9-G12 class schedule(swimming).pdf

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2018-2019 1st G1-G8 class schedule (normal).pdf

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2018-2019 1st G9-G12 class schedule(normal).pdf

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