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[Student Affairs] IBST INTERACT 2018-2019 Tutoring Program

admin_bil Post on 2018-9-19 12:12 PM |Show All Post

This semester, Interact club is still going to offer free tutoring service every Thursday at naptime in Interact's Office(2F End Room, next to G6 classroom). To make us know how many Interacters need to stand by, please fill in the application form(attachment) or the following link by Wed (one day before the needed date). Check "long term" if you want to join the program every Thursday.


Please turn in the application form to the homeroom teacher or Ms. Sandy one day before the needed date. The tutoring service will start from  week 4 (Sept. 20th).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Sandy at 505-2916#7108. You can also approach Jeffery or Fiona in the 12th grade.

10701 Interact Tutoring Program.pdf (42.46 KB, 下載次數: 34)

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