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[Student Affairs] IBST Flea Market

admin_bil Post on 2018-9-21 07:55 AM |Show All Post

IBST Flea Market

Sept. 28th, Oct. 26th, Nov. 30th, and Dec. 28th

            IBST Flea Market is a fun treasure hunt activity. IBST Student Organizations need a budget to host many IBST-wide activities. Also, we want to subsidize students when they represent IBST to compete in tournaments or participate in activities with other schools. IBST Flea Market offers the chance of earning a budget and subsidy for our students. Meanwhile, it creates a chance for students to find something fun or useful second-hand items. If you have some second-hand items which are still in good shape and well-functioning, please donate them when you dont need them anymore. To encourage the donation, you will receive a 5NT Flea Market coupon if your donation is sold. If the donation is not sold, we will return the item back to you.

          You can bring the items from the Monday to Thursday before the Flea Market Day. Please do not bring the items too early because we dont have enough room to keep them. You can bring the items to the Office or to Jeffery or Fiona in the 12th grade.

When:Every last Friday of the month

                                (Sept. 28th, Oct. 26th, Nov. 30th, and Dec. 28th)

Time: 11:50am-1:20pm, 4:05pm-4:30pm

Location: 2F End Room (next to G6 classroom)

Income: 30% goes to Student Council, 30% goes to Interact, 40% goes to IBST Activities
                                              (Debate trip,  MUN trip, WSC trip, Soccer trip, etc.)

Collecting Time: Monday to Thursday in the last week of the month

                                                                                             (Sept.25th-27th, Oct. 22nd-25th, Nov. 26th-29th,Dec. 24th-27th)

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