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[Academic Affairs] 2nd Semester Class Schedule

admin_bil Post on 2019-1-29 08:33 AM |Show All Post
Dear parents and students,

The attachments are the class schedule for the 2nd semester.

From Feb. 11th, we follow the "normal" schedule, and due to the swimming (G5 and G10) lesson, we will use the "swimming" schedule for 8 weeks form April 8th to May 31st. After the swimming, we will back to "normal" schedule for the rest of the semester.

*Only G5 and G10 have different schedules within the normal and swimming schedules.

2018-2019 2nd G9-G12 class schedule(swim)0215.pdf

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2018-2019 2nd G1-G8 class schedule (swim)0215.pdf

510.41 KB, 下載次數: 44

2018-2019 2nd G1-G8 class schedule (normal)0215.pdf

510.29 KB, 下載次數: 73

2018-2019 2nd G9-G12 class schedule(normal)0215.pdf

378.16 KB, 下載次數: 50

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