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NNKIEH is committed to creating and maintaining a working and learning environment that is free of all types of fear and intimidation. Based upon our core belief that individuals are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, it is the policy of NNKIEH to promote mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among school employees, students, parents, any person on school grounds or at school activities and the public.


In order to help our students cultivate good character and instill in them appropriate values and a sense of responsibility, students are expected to comply with school regulations and maintain good conduct at school. They must bear the following points in mind.

1.         Discipline: Maintain order during class, assemblies and line-ups.

2.         Obedience: Obey the Principal, teachers, student leaders, and school regulations.

3.         Punctuality: Be on time for school, class, assemblies, and activities.

4.         Hand in homework assignments on schedule.

5.         Cleanliness: Keep the school environment clean and tidy.

6.         Honesty: Be honest in any occasions.

7.         Politeness: Be polite to others in speech and manner.

8.         Social morality: Show genuine care for school property.


Our department issues different types of merits and demerits. We hope this will help our students better understand the rules and become a welcome and successful learner at school. As encouragement, students who maintain exceptional character and conduct will be awarded at the school assembly. High school level students’ exceptional character and conduct will also be mentioned in the conduct grade report card. Students who fail to comply with school regulations, depending on the individual issue, will be issued a warning, a minor demerit, or a major merit as punishment.   


General Procedure for Student Issues

General Issues

Teacher-Student Conference

Teacher-Student Conference (Parent Contacted)

Teacher-Parent Conference


Moderate Issues

Disciplinarian/Counselor-Student Conference

Disciplinarian/Counselor-Parent-(Student) Conference


Severe Issues

Director-Parent- (Student) Conference

Principal-Director- Parent- (Student) Conference


The following consequences will be utilized for students in violation of NNKIEH DisciplinePolicy: Behavior Contracts, Detention, Expulsion, In-School Suspension, Out-of-School Suspension, Parent Conferences, Removal of Privileges, Student-Disciplinarian Conferences, Financial Restitution, and Police Referral. The following services will be utilized: Counselors, and Outside Agency Referral.


The Code of Conduct applies to any student of NNKIEH when the student is (1) on school grounds before, during, or after school hours and at any other time when the school is being used by a school group; (2) off school grounds at a school activity, function or event at home or away; (3) traveling to or from school or an activity, function or event; or (4) anywhere, if the conduct may reasonably be considered to be a threat or attempted intimidation of a staff member, or an interference with school purposes or an educational function.


Administrative Review Committee

For the good of thevast majority of the student body, individual students who consistently violate the rights of others, or whoexhibit little or no interest in the basic purposes of the school, will be excluded from the school in amanner and for a period of time consistent with the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.  Violation of NNKIEHPolicy will be dealt with using the following point system (points are given to thestudent based on the consequence he/she receives for his/her violation of policy).

Consequence                                                                            Point / Type ofDemerit Issued

Detention                                                                                       1 Point

In-SchoolSuspension /A Warning                                                     2 Points

1-2 DayOut-of-School Suspension /Two Warnings                              3 Points

3-4 DayOut-of-School Suspension/A Minor Demerit                            4 Points

5 DayOut-of-School Suspension /Two Minor Demerits                        5 Points

10 DayOut-of-School Suspension/A Major Demerit                             6 Points

Any studentreaching 12 points during the academic school year will be required to meet,along with his/her parent/guardian,for an ADMINISTRATIVE DISCIPLINE REVIEW with the Administrative Review Committee. The Review Committeeshall be appointed by the principal. During the Review Committee,the student will be placed on Disciplinary Probation. If after meeting withthe Review Committee, the student continues to violate NNKIEH Discipline Policyand reaches 16 points, the student could possibly be suspended out-of-schoolfor a period of 5 days or 10 days and recommended for expulsion.


Procedures for Clearing the Demerit Record

IBST students will have the ability to clear their disciplinary record by displayingappropriate behavior. 2 points willbe deducted for each month thatpasses “IBST Clearing the Demerit Record DailyObservation Form.” A month is defined as 30 calendar days and starts from thelastDisciplinarian contact.  If after 30 days, the expectations have been met, thestudent will have 2 points deducted from his/her point total.


Disciplinary Actions

Length of Observation Period

A Warning

1 month (30 days)

A Minor Demerit

2 months (60 days)

A Major Demerit

3 months (90 days)


two semesters (200 days)





1. After the demeritis issued, students may request the “IBST Clearing the Demerit Record DailyObservation Form” from the office.

2. During the clearing demerit period, students must have theirhomeroom and subject teachers sign and evaluate their class performanceimmediately after each period. Missing ANY signatures and the demerit will notbe cleared.

3. If a teacher needs to change an evaluation, the student musthave the teacher sign next to the changes.

4. The observation time for a Warning is 1 month, for a Minordemerit is 2 months, for a Major demerit is 3 months, and for Probation is 2semesters.

5. In order for the record to be cleared, students must reach asum total of 320 with no more than 5 poor performance ratings.

·        Rating of 3 = Excellent Performance

·        Rating of 2 = OK Performance

·        Rating of 1 = Poor Performance

.         Rating of 0 = No Signature


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