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Activity Eligibility

Academic Eligibility Policy forActivities

Participation in School-Sponsored,School-Supported Extra-Curricular Activities

NNKIEH believesschool-sponsored, school-supported extra-curricular activities provide studentswith invaluable educational, as well as instructional, skills and knowledge.The school further recognizes that a student’sacademic education must take precedence over participation in such activities.Therefore, in accordance with applicable sections of the School Code, the school has determined as follows:

1.      Participation in school-sponsored, school-supported extra-curricularactivities is a privilege, not a right.

2.      In order to beeligible for participation in a school-sponsored, school-supportedextracurricular activity, a student should notmiss more than 10 periods in any subject per semester and both academicrequirements and discipline requirements for eligibility by completing all therequired assignments, passing all classes and have no more than one classbetween 60% to 69%, as well as no disciplinary issues in the past 30 calendardays leading up to the event. Any exception will need to be approved by theadministrators.

3.      Students who fail to meet the eligibility requirement will be notifiedby the Academic Section Chief and/or coach/sponsor and shall be suspended fromparticipation until the academic requirement is satisfactorily met.

4.       Activities within the scope ofthis policy are those organized and sponsored by the school. Anextra-curricular activity is defined as any non-curricular activity that has a  sponsor who supervises andmanages students within an area of interest.

5.      This policy does not govern graded courses, activities, or groups thatrequire an academic component for participation,special school events, or other such activities as determined by the administration.

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