IBST,National Nanke International Experimental High School - Bilingual Department

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Our Mission

The mission of the International Bilingual School atTainan-Science-Park is to serve the bilingual needs of the internationalcommunity found at the Southern Taiwan Science Park, and to motivate andprepare our multicultural students to become collaborative, creativeindividuals who think critically, communicate effectively, and become, as aresult, lifelong learners and productive members of the global community.


School and Community

0810-1.jpgOne of two high tech Science based industrial Parks in Taiwan, theNational Nanke International Experimental High School (NNKIEH), resides in theSouthern Taiwan Science Park. Founded in 2006, NNKIEH endeavors to ensure a good academic environment for the children of both the Science Park employees as well as overseas-hire high tech professionals. NNKIEH, a public,multicultural, co-educational school serving grades 1 – 12 consists of fourdepartments. Three of the departments serve the local Chinese-speaking students and uses the Taiwan (R.O.C.) national curriculum while the Bilingual Department(the International Biligingual School at Tainan-Science-Park or IBST) serve sstudents in the English-speaking community who seek an American college-preparatory education. IBST parts include those employed in tertiary education, business, science and medicine, and technology. Eighty-three percent of Bilingual Department parents holds advanced degrees. Out of a total NNKIEH school enrolment of 2348, 109 students from 14 nationalities attend IBST.



Key Milestones in the Development of NNKIEH

1993  Executive Yuan meetingdeclared the establishment of the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) in theEconomic Revitalization Project. 

1997 Detailed Plan of STSP approved by the Ministry of the Interior,1997 

2002 NanKe Elementary School opens to 120 2nd graders, September.

2002 NanKe Junior High School opens to 160 7th graders, September,2002 

2003 NanKe Elementary School bilingual class opens to 5 1st graders,September. 

2003 NanKe Junior High School bilingual class opens to 10 7th graders,September

2005 the Bilingual Department selects an entrance examination.

2005 The Bilingual Department Adopts the regular department’s Chinese program as the basis for the biliingual department’s program.

2005 STSP unveils NNKIEH founding projects and high school designprinciple,

2005 The Bilingual Department purchases MacMillan textbooks in allEnglish subject areas, functionally adopts California standards.

2006 Ministry of Education approves high school projects, Spring

2006 Interim Office is set up and NNKIEH founding project is launched,April

2006 Dr. Hsu-Chang Tai is hired as Founding Principal, July.

2006 NanKe Elementary School and NanKe Junior High School joins NNKIEH,August

2006 NNKIEH selects its first Bilingual Program Director.

2008 The Bilingual Department adopts the CTP4 as a common standardizedtest for grades 2-8.

2010-2012 Co-curriculars expand to include MUN, debate, journalism,soccer, and world scholar’s

2010 Doctoral Candidate Kun Tsan Lin is hired as the second principal,August.

2010 The Bilingual Department identifies accreditation as a major goaland WASC as its proposed accreditng agency.

2010 NNKIEH connects the internet to all classrooms.

2010 The Bilingual Program organizes its first Student Council.

2011 The Bilingual Program adopts of a school discipline model and setof standards

2010-2012 The Bilingual Program expands its courses in AP to includeBiology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics (Macro and Micro), English(Liternature/Language), and US History

2012 The Bilingual Department is approved by the Southern TaiwanScience Park Administration to be officially called International BilingualSchool at Tainan-Science-Park (IBST).

2012 October IBST had its Western Association of Schoolsand Colleges Initial Visit from the Executive Director of WASC, Dr. DavidBrown.

2013 February  IBST was granted 3-year Candidacy of the Western Association of Schoolsand Colleges.

2016 IBST was granted 6-year Accredication of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


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